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From Emmanuel Bourg <>
Subject Re: Java 8 compatibility for Tomcat 7
Date Tue, 08 Apr 2014 12:32:08 GMT
Le 08/04/2014 14:03, Mark Thomas a écrit :

> Can you provide the details of the failure. That might help ID a solution.

Thank you, here is the build log on Debian:

error: keySet() in AbstractReplicatedMap cannot override keySet() in
    [javac]         public Set<Object> keySet() {
    [javac]                            ^
    [javac]   return type Set<Object> is not compatible with KeySetView
    [javac]   where K,V are type-variables:
    [javac]     K extends Object declared in class ConcurrentHashMap
    [javac]     V extends Object declared in class ConcurrentHashMap

This issue is caused by the addition of a keySet() method to
ConcurrentHashMap in Java 8 with a return type incompatible with the
keySet() method in AbstractReplicatedMap.

In r1222329 AbstractReplicatedMap was changed to no longer inherit
ConcurrentHashMap and implement directly the Map interface. This had the
side effect of fixing this Java 8 issue for Tomcat 8.

Emmanuel Bourg

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