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From Jeremy Boynes <>
Subject Re: Git
Date Sun, 26 Jan 2014 20:11:50 GMT
On Jan 21, 2014, at 1:58 AM, Mark Thomas <> wrote:

> I've been using Git more and more for Tomcat development and was
> wondering what folks thought about moving Tomcat to git. This isn't a
> formal proposal or a vote, I'm just trying to gather some views.
> On the plus side:
> - it is much easier to have multiple issues in progress at the
>  same time and switch between them
> - being able to work off-line but still commit is a huge benefit
>  when working on a complex issue and you don't have internet
>  access
> - merging between branches (assuming all supported branches were in a
>  single repo) is simpler
> Neutral
> - we would need to agree some simple guidelines for how we used git
> - tooling seems equivalent to that available for svn (at for what I
>  use anyway)
> On the down side:
> - there is much more potential to mess things up
> - cleaning up is potentially more complex
> - the disruption of the move - particularly if we want to move to a
>  single git repo - could be significant
> Thoughts?

Generally +0

I think the ability to work offline on multiple issues can be a double edged sword. I just
did that this week and having Git would have been helpful. The downside is that it makes it
easier to work more in isolation rather than collaborating with other developers. In a quick
experiment, I tried Git with some cookie changes and now have a series of changes to merge
in one go rather than incrementally and I think that will be harder to review.

Having said that, this may just be an artifact of using git with svn as I think if the primary
repo was natively Git then I would have done that work in a feature branch in the shared repo.

I’ve not followed this on infra@ but from what I understand the web tooling at Apache lags
behind SVN's. There’s a richer interface at GitHub but that’s moving yet more away from
the Apache community. I’ve found the web view very useful when working with people who are
not engaged in the project on a regular basis.


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