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From igaz <>
Subject Re: Getting my head around NIO 'simulated' blocking (trying to)
Date Sat, 23 Mar 2013 16:46:44 GMT
OK, did a quick check of the servlet spec - and I could find nothing that
proscribes the kind of thing I was thinking about (in fact it has nothing to
say even about the semantics of using the javax.servlet.ServletInputStream)

Here is some pseudocode for what I had in mind (I'm eliding quite a bit:

    void readSocket(SocketChannel sc)
               ByteBuffer bb = ..
               while (requestIncomplete(bb))
                          int bread =; //non-blocking read
                          if (bread == 0) // socket has no bytes in
receive-buffer, need to re-register with selector
// 're-register socket with selector for reads
                          else if (bread == -1) // socket closed - clean up     
               //all bytes on socket (constituting an http request) have
been read
               RequestExecutor r  = ...
               r.execute(new Handler(bb))


Note requestIncomplete() returns true only when the *entire* http request
(headers and body) has been read.
Now, this is idiomatic java nio and I have used this pattern in implementing
my own nio server (not for http requests)
I see nothing in the servlet spec that would proscribe this and it scales

Yet it seems that Tomcats NIO connector does not do this.  Hence, my

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