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From Christopher Schultz <>
Subject Re: Confusion around tcnative
Date Mon, 28 Jan 2013 16:31:30 GMT

On 1/28/13 6:20 AM, Rainer Jung wrote:
> I'm a bit confused about tcnative and the various trunks and branches:
> 1) tcnative trunk vs. branch 1.1.x.
> It seems most updates are directly done to the branch. So trunk is
> outdated. On the other hand originally there were some updates to trunk
> not in 1.1.x. I think this should be cleaned up. The current trunk
> doesn't seem to be useful.

I've tried to always commit to trunk and back-port to 1.1.x. I have had
some irritation building trunk because it requires bleeding-edge
versions of APR that I don't have available from Debian. It's a minor
inconvenience, honestly.

trunk 'configure' also does not properly support --with-java or
--with-java-home like 1.1.x does. That would be helpful to fix... my
configure-fu is not strong.

> 2) tcnative and Java classes
> We still have Java classes in the tcnative branch. They neither match
> with the copies maintained in the tc7 branch, nor with the ones in the
> tc trunk branch. tcnative trunk does not have the Java files.

+1 to removing the Java sources from tcnative in 1.1.x branch. We have
had at least one recent report on the users' list where someone
hand-compiled the Java sources and was then unable to use tcnative
successfully (because the Java sources were out of date with respect to
those in the main Tomcat sources).

> Is there any use for the copies of the Java files in the tcnative 1.1.x
> branch? Otherwise I think we should remov them and check them out from
> TC7 or TC trunk when rolling a tcnative release.

I'm not even sure that a tcnative release requires any .class or .jar
files, as Tomcat itself contains everything necessary. I believe they
are tightly-coupled enough with the rest of Tomcat that shipping a JAR
file along with the tcnative library might break installations with
mismatched Java code accompanying the native stuff.

> Note that tcnative also contains test and examples Java classes, which
> are *not* also in the TC branches. Those must be kept in tcnative (or
> moved to TC).

+1 to moving/adapting to Tomcat.


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