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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: APR, WebSocket and Servlet 3.1 NIO refactoring
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2013 06:50:50 GMT
On 01/15/2013 02:29 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
> Hi,
> 3. Currently, we have no record of which Poller a socket is registered
> with. This makes 2) more expensive as we have to iterate through the
> Pollers to find the socket. Tracking the current poller used by a socket
> would make 2) a cheaper operation.

Think this can be done with relative ease.
I recently made some changes to native pollset performance
(removing multiple linear scans for sockets if they are in the pollset)
which can reference the pollset with socket.

In theory this allows to remove the socket from 'any' pollset which
means that you can remove the socket from pollset without knowing to
which one it belongs.

If there is a need for reconfigure (different signaling events)
we can add an extra API call that would allow that, without the need
to know for which pollset this is.


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