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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: WebSocket progress report
Date Mon, 14 Jan 2013 22:30:20 GMT
On 21/12/2012 23:13, Mark Thomas wrote:
>> After that, I
>> intend to run the Autobahn test suite and fix any issues that identifies.

Passes for BIO and NIO.
~30 failures for APR/native

> Next step will be to look at making the buffer sizes configurable to
> address the failures above before moving on to the rest of the test suite.

This wasn't necessary. It is implemented and may offer some performance
optimisations but is not required for handling of large messages
(providing the WebSocket Endpoint will accept partial messages).

>> Once I have something that passes the Autobahn test suite my next set of
>> priorities will be to clean up the code. By that I mean:
>> - consistent formatting
>> - complete the Javadoc
>> - consistent naming conventions
>> - i18n
>> - refactor to reduce duplication
>> - reduce visibility to the minimum require to function correctly
>> The next block of work will be to complete the WebSocket client
>> implementation and then use that to generate unit tests. My aim then
>> will be to go through the API and get as close as practical to 100% code
>> coverage with the unit tests.
>> Alongside all of this will be updating the implementation for changes to
>> the draft specification which may well mean going back several steps.

The API is up to date with the latest draft (v11). One reason for
concentrating on the different connectors right now is that the less of
the API that is implemented, the easier it is to keep up with the changes.

>> Finally, I want to do some performance testing. Some of this may get
>> pulled forward if the Autobahn test suite finds something truly awful
>> (given my approach to date of focussing on getting something that works
>> this is quite likely).

No obvious performance issues so far. I'm sure, however, there will be
scope for improvement.

>> Help in any form is always appreciated.


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