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From "Filip Hanik \(mailing lists\)" <>
Subject RE: Starting on 3.1 implementation
Date Wed, 27 Jun 2012 19:49:41 GMT
> > 3.1 seems to be a fairly minor update so far, so we should be able to
> start
> > pushing Tomcat 8 right around the time as the spec is finalized.
> Just a word of caution. The EG is far from agreed on the best way to do
> the non-blocking API at the moment. As with happened with the 3.0 async
> API, a complete re-write could still happen.

[Filip Hanik] 
That's ok. Non blocking can be done in many ways. As with the sandbox
example, it was done without modifying streams, and still worked. 
So as long as the underlying implementation supports it, I don't suspect
that an API change would change a lot in the belly of the beast.

> The EL EG has added a whole bunch of features. On the plus side the
> updated jjt file is included in the spec that should speed things up a
> fair bit.
> I haven't heard anything in terms of JSP updates. I can't imagine there
> will be much there.
> My current focus on Tomcat 8 is re-factoring the resources to remove all
> the JNDI stuff. After that, I'll probably look at the HTTP upgrade bit.

[Filip Hanik] 
Interesting, what's up with JNDI, prolly something I missed from an earlier


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