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From sebb <>
Subject Re: Move to Nexus with no community discussion. WTF?
Date Fri, 16 Dec 2011 19:38:12 GMT
On 16 December 2011 16:15, Mark Thomas <> wrote:
> On 16/12/2011 16:06, Antonio Petrelli wrote:
>> Please Mark calm down.
> No, I will not calm down. The release process has been changed without
> prior discussion and on top of that it is now broken for Maven
> artefacts. That is not acceptable.
>> Being possible to deploy to Nexus does not mean that the project is
>> configured to do that.
> Exactly. Tomcat has been using scp+rsync via people.a.o for several
> years. That process has been broken by the switch to Nexus.
>> To enable this, you need to configure the needed POM
>> metadata (SCM, website) and let the master POM of Tomcat be child of the
>> Apache Master pom.
>> Even if you have done this steps, if you are not using the Maven release
>> plugin, it does not work. AFAICT you should be able to (temporarily, for
>> good) deploy to people.a.o.
> The whole point is that we can no longer release via people.a.o because
> of the switch to Nexus. It has been made quite clear that a project can
> use either Nexus or people.a.o but not both. For Tomcat to use Nexus,
> the Tomcat release scripts need to be updated and they have not been.

That's not how Nexus is being used in Commons - but I don't know what
has been set up here, so perhaps the following is not applicable:

Nexus (as used by Commons/HttpClient) intercepts uploads to the Maven
distribution repo on people.
Instead of Maven artifacts being automatically synched with Maven
Central, Nexus stores them in a staging repo.
This must be checked and closed to new updates; it's then available to
the general public to as part of the VOTE.
If the vote succeeds, the staging repo can be released, otherwise it
is dropped. Once released, the artifacts make their way to Maven
Central as before.

Nexus does *not* change the process for non-Maven artifacts (which are
the main Tomcat release mechanism).
However once enabled for a project, the protection on the maven
distribution repo is changed so only Nexus can update it.

The benefit is that it is impossible to accidentally release Maven
artifacts using "mvn deploy" or whatever; and there is staging area
which can be used for votes.
It also checks sigs and generates hashes if necessary. It guarantees
that the voted on artifacts are the ones that are released.
The disadvantage is that one has to login to Nexus twice: to close the
staging area, and then to release or drop it at the end of the vote.

But this does not change how non-Maven artifacts are released.

>> Antonio
>> P.S. Your project is a mess to be a Maven project. If you *really* want to
>> move to Maven you need to do a major reconstruction of the directory
>> structure.
> There are no plans to move Tomcat to use Maven for building. This is
> purely about providing the Tomcat JARs as Maven artefacts in Maven
> Central for others to use as they wish.
> Mark
>> 2011/12/16 Mark Thomas <>
>>> On 16/12/2011 15:43, jean-frederic clere wrote:
>>>> On 12/16/2011 04:20 PM, Mark Thomas wrote:
>>>>> It appears that Maven artefact publishing has been moved from people.a.o
>>>>> (that all the release scripts are written to use) to using Nexus. See
>>> [1]
>>>>> I have a number of issues with this:
>>>>> 1. There was zero discussion of this on the dev list.
>>>>> 2. Maven publishing for snapshots, release candidates and releases is
>>>>> now broken as the release scripts have not been updated as it appears
>>>>> required. [2]
>>>>> Jean-Frederic, please explain ASAP what on earth is going on here.
>>>>> Decisions such as this must happen on list *before* they are actioned.
>>>> I understood it only affects the release process...
>>> So what? Releasing software is why this community exists. Any changes to
>>> that process need to be agreed by the community first.
>>>> If that is wrong
>>>> that I screwed it, Sorry
>>> Before this change, we could release artefacts to Maven Central.
>>> After this change, we are unable to release artefacts to Maven Central
>>> since that part of the release process now needs re-writing.
>>> That is not acceptable. If there were an security issue that required an
>>> immediate release Maven users at best would get the artefacts late or at
>>> worst not at all.
>>> An apology is a good start but the stuff you have just broken needs
>>> fixing. At the moment, I see two possible fixes.
>>> 1. Update the release scripts so we can release artefacts to Maven using
>>> the new process.
>>> 2. Revert the change to use Nexus and return to scp+rsync.
>>> If you don't do 1. (pretty much immediately), I intend to request that
>>> the infra team does 2.
>>> Mark
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