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From Henri Gomez <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Tomcat Maven Plugin plan
Date Tue, 30 Aug 2011 08:58:16 GMT
> Hello,
> I have started to import sources as defined in the ip clearance. (I
> still have some java package to change : I will change to
> org.apache.tomcat.maven.plugin as a base package)
> My plan to improve the plugin is:
> * add support of tomcat7 (tru a set of new mojos with a new name :
> tomcat7:run etc... )

> * create a new mojo which will create an executable war: users will be
> able to package their war and launch it with a simple java -jar
> mywar.war (I plan to use the embeder features from tomcat7).

Nice add-ons !

> Some tasks:
> * Importing jira issues from codehaus (see [1] ). Let me know Mark if
> you're fine with the proposal from codehaus folks or if you need a
> real dump (btw I will create a jira @infra).
> * asking setup of to be able to deploy snaphots.
> * Optional (but IMHO a nice to have): I see taglib use a Maven build
> too. Why not having a tomcat Maven parent pom in svn in the path
> /pom/trunk ?. This pom will contains a set of common configuration.
> Thoughts ?

It's a good idea to have such parent pom. It don't enforce anything on
the current build process but will help a bit have a desc of project
(SCM, CI, Commiters, Deps).


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