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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Fixing bug 33453
Date Fri, 20 May 2011 16:31:16 GMT

I've been looking at [1]. Ignoring the flames, there do appear to be
several use cases where the current time-stamp checks are insufficient
(although there are simple work-arounds). I have a patch [2] but I don't
particularly like the fact that it breaks binary compatibility with JSPs
compiled with an earlier version. My instinct is that this is bad. What
does everyone else think?

I do have an idea for addressing this:
- Leave JspSourceDependent as is in 7.0.14 but deprecate it
- Add a new JspSourceDependent2 interface (better names welcome)
- Compilation always uses JspSourceDependent2
- Isoutdated checked for JspSourceDependent as well as
JspSourceDependent2 and any classes implementing JspSourceDependent are
treated as outdated.




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