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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: Code Style.
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2010 22:58:00 GMT
On 20/09/2010 15:04, Wesley Acheson wrote:
>>> 2. Coding conventions seem to be applied ... inconsistently. Is there a
>>> code style guide that I can actually follow so my code "looks right", or
>>> should I just look at what's already there in the files I'm modifying
>>> and take my best guess at what's appropriate?
>> Yep. Go with the current style of the file.
> Hi all
> I think some documentation should be created on code style. Actually a
> bit more than that I think some documentation should be written
> saying.
> How can someone help the tomcat initative.
> What the current code style is.
> What the coding standards are.
> Whats the patch submission process.
> Whats the documentation submission process.
> Any other way people can help.  Could be called getting involved and
> could be linked from the building page. It could start out on the
> wiki, then once the devs are happy with it it can be transcribed into
> tc documentation.
> Just an idea.

As always, patches welcome.


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