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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release build 6.0.21 (try 2)
Date Tue, 22 Dec 2009 20:27:11 GMT
On 22/12/2009 16:11, jean-frederic clere wrote:
> The candidates binaries are available here:
> According to the release process, the 6.0.21 tag is:
> [X] Broken
> [ ] Alpha
> [ ] Beta
> [ ] Stable
> The differences are only the tcnative windows binary files: tcnative was
> broken in the previous try.

Source files:
src.tar.gz ==
MD5s match
Signatures good
Key in ASF web of trust

All the source files have linux line-endings. I think this is a
side-effect of building on linux rather than Windows and has been this
way for the last few releases. There is a patch proposed to fix this but
I don't view this as a show stopper.

There is also a difference between the tag and the source files. The
diff is:
Tue Dec 22 17:10:53 2009
Tue Dec 22 17:31:18 2009
@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@


 # ----- Commons Logging, version 1.1 or later -----

I assume this was done to include the desired windows binaries. However,
this means that anyone trying to build from the src distro will be
pulling the Windows binaries from the wrong place. The correct way to do
this would have been to create a file and override the
base-tomcat.loc setting in that file.

The tag is correct, the source bundles just need re-building from the tag.

Binaries: is broken. If lists multiple files but the
MD5 is only correct for the first file in the list. The root cause is a
copy and paster error in the build file (patch already proposed to fix
it). Applying this fix would mean a re-tag. However, I'd be happy with
manually fixing the generated MD5s to fix this to save the re-tag.

Servlet TCK passes
JSP TCK passes - 1 failure

This one, however, can't be ignored. Remy hinted at it early today. The
fix for bug 47453 created a regression in that the constraint expressed
in JSP.2.3.4 namely that <quote>A String literal can be provided, as
long as the return type of the deferred method signature is not
void</quote> is not enforced. This needs to be fixed for 6.0.21 and
will, therefore, require a re-tag.

I am starting to look at this now.

Since we are going to have to re-tag anyway, it would be good if the
patches required to fix the various niggles above were applied before
the tag.


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