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From Eike Starkmann <>
Subject Collaborative development with eclipse
Date Mon, 14 Dec 2009 16:07:06 GMT

I am working in the Institute of Computer Science at the Free University
of Berlin where we are creating ways to improve the process of writing
software, especially for Free/Open Source Software developers.

Our institute develops Saros, an open source Eclipse plug-in that allows
two or more developers to work together in real-time developing code,
training newcomers, or performing peer reviews.
It is similar to Gobby, SubEthaEdit or Google Docs but focuses on
programming in Eclipse.
As part of my masters thesis I would like to assess how useful Saros is
when developing Free/Open Source Software. I already was in contact with
other projects and got some good response.

It is believed that Saros is particularly well suited to the following
development scenarios:

* an arbitrary number of developers working together over a network on a
common project
* distributed pair programming, with an author and an observer who are
geographically dispersed
* transferring knowledge between developers and introducing new people
to the project
* joint code reviews
* collaborative development where developers are aware of each other and
wish to switch easily between working together or independently

If you are interested, I would offer you to join Tomcat for a while to
give you support while working with Saros. What do you think?

Kind regards, Eike Starkmann

For more information:

Update Site:
Saros @ SF:
Programming Languages Supported by Saros :

Eike Starkmann
This message is part of my Master thesis research. Feel free to contact
my advisors in case of inappropriate behavior on my side: and

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