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From Daniel Ruggeri <>
Subject Tomcat Native patch - adding dynamic locking callbacks for openssl engines
Date Thu, 19 Nov 2009 19:39:36 GMT
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&nbsp;&nbsp; Hello. I have been using Tomcat and TCNative for quite a while now,
but have just now subscribed to this list so I may contribute a
proposed patch. Since I am new, please be patient if I'm doing things
wrong - I've RTFM, but that only goes so far.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp; The attached patch adds dynamic locking callbacks needed by certain
engines in OpenSSL (chil, specifically). Most of this code was poached
from HTTPD 2.2.x mod_ssl (ssl_util.c). The notable differences to
TCNative after applying the patch are that the call to ssl_thread_setup
had to be moved before the engine is initialized since the callbacks
must be set before engine init, and the dynamic callback functions were
added to ssl_thread_setup.<br>
&nbsp;&nbsp; I am attaching the proposed patch to this email, but please let me
what it would take to have it properly committed and offer any
suggestions that may relate to the patch itself. I'm also used to
patches including information in the CHANGELOG file, but it seems
TCNative doesn't do things that way?<br>
Thanks for your time
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