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From Rainer Jung <>
Subject tcnative in TC5.5: version properties
Date Sun, 04 Oct 2009 13:50:52 GMT

while cleaning up the connectors/jni build.xml in TC 5.5 I stumbled over
the following:

There are two ways to build the Java classes for tcnative in TC 5.5.
One way is using the build.xml of TC 5.5. It uses the Java files from
the jni source as is, as well as the file, compiles and
build tomcat-apr.jar.

The other way is building inside connectors/jni.

The most important difference is, that building from TC 5.5 does not
filter the file (it contains an ant token to be replaced
with the tcnative version) and it also does not contain the
Implementation-* and Specification-* attributes in the jar manifest,
that the jni local build would include.

The whole file and the improved manifest are gone in TC
6.0.x and trunk.

There are (at least) four options:

a) leave as is, we don't care for TC 5.5.

b) improve build for TC 5.5 also filtering and improving
the manifest by leveraging the existing targets in jni build.xml instead
of duplicating the effort in the main build.xml (I already have a patch
for that)

c) remove all version information for the Java side of tcnative from the
TC 5.5 copy, as is already the case for TC 6.0 and trunk.

d) include the version information also for TC 6.0.x and trunk.

Are there any preferences?

My personal preference is a), but since I do have a patch for b) I
wanted to see other opinions.



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