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From sebb <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release JDBC Pool module v1.0.4
Date Mon, 15 Jun 2009 21:53:32 GMT
On 15/06/2009, Filip Hanik - Dev Lists <> wrote:
> Cleaned up and fixed.
>  The release is located here:

NOTICE file is incorrect, it should read:

Apache Tomcat JDBC Pool
Copyright 2008-2009 The Apache Software Foundation

This product includes software developed by
The Apache Software Foundation (

[e.g. See]

This assumes that JDBC Pool was first released in 2008; if not adjust

Two java files (ResultSet and TestException) don't have AL headers.

The jar files don't have NOTICE or LICENSE files.

Releases must consist of a source archive; binary archives are optional.
The source archive must contain all the items needed to build and test
the binary archive, see:

Therefore the source archive needs to contain the test code.

It's not essential, but it's helpful if the jar MANIFEST.MF files
contain the following:

Implementation-Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation
Implementation-Vendor-Id: org.apache
Specification-Vendor: The Apache Software Foundation


It might be useful to include the Javadoc in the binary archive.

The build.xml defines compile.source=1.5, however some of the classes
require 1.6, for example SlowQueryReport uses the generic form of
OpenType which was only introduced in 1.6.

The build file relies on the following files for testing, however
there is no indication where these are to be obtained:


The test file DefaultTestCase does not define any test cases, so it
would help some IDEs if it were marked abstract.

The ResultSet and Statement test classes in the test driver directory
won't compile when using Eclipse, because Eclipse generates an error
for @Override tags applied to methods only defined in interfaces. It's
not clear whether this is an Eclipse bug or a Sun Java bug, but it
does not really add much to use @Override for interface methods, so
perhaps these tags could be removed.

>  <ballot>
>  [ ] STABLE - I couldn't find any bugs
>  [ ] BETA   - I found some bugs but not critical
>  [X] BROKEN - I found some show stoppers

Incorrect NOTICE file, missing N&L files
Incorrect packging.

>  </ballot>
>  Any comments ?

See above.

>  Thanks,
>  Filip
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