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Subject Re: [Eclipse+Tomcat6]How to publish modification in a text file ?
Date Wed, 20 May 2009 09:00:52 GMT
BB@umd wrote:
> I am developing a webapp with Eclipse 3.4.2 which runs on a Tomcat v6 server.
> When I click on a button of my webapp during runtime, it modifies or
> createsa shell script present in my webapp folder. Then, I retrieve this
> script (which contains installation instructions) at the startup of a
> Virtual Machine. My problem is that this script is not updated/created on my
> server whereas it is in my filesystem.  (But if I manually refresh webapp on
> Eclipse, this script is correctly updated/created.)
> I first thought it was a problem of caching in Tomcat, so I edited the
> context.xml file to disable caching like this :
> <Context reloadable="true" cachingAllowed="false">
> Then I try to set the development init-param to true in my web.xml like this
> <init-param>
> 	    <param-name>development</param-name>
> 	    <param-value>true</param-value>
> 	</init-param>
> However, it changes nothing. Does anyone have an idea of how i can
> automatically "refresh" my webapp folder and synchronize it with my
> filesystem ?

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