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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 37515] smap not generated by JspC when used from Ant for precompilation
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2009 13:53:51 GMT

--- Comment #12 from Jess Holle <>  2009-01-05 05:53:50 PST ---
Somehow I missed the classpath attribute.  That indeed solves my problem.

I have one much smaller (nuisance) problem.  I want to specify -source and
-target of 1.6 -- as I would with javac.  The JDT used by JspC by default
complains about this claiming it does not understand a value of 1.6 here, which
is silly -- 1.6 has been out a long time now and does have slightly different
byte-code output than previous Java versions.  I could presumably force use of
javac, but I'd rather be more consistent with on-the-fly JSP compilation.  Yes,
I could force use of javac there as well, but I'd rather not.  Is there no JDT
available that understands a -source/-target of 1.6?

Feel free to close the bug, but some answer about the JDT issue would be

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