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From "Damien B" <>
Subject Re: Osgifing Tomcat
Date Mon, 28 Apr 2008 21:23:16 GMT
On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 12:52 PM, pkriens wrote:
> > To me, a webapp adds "entries" (aka Servlet) to menus (aka url patterns)
> > from a static file inside the war (web.xml). If it was not possible in 4
> > years to solve this problem in Eclipse, how will it be possible for
> > Tomcat?
> More and more code is supporting the dynamic life cycle model because it is
> not that hard and the Eclipse people like it. However, you should realize
> that there is a very diverse community out there. Only recently is OSGi on their
> radar.

I was talking about a very specific case; Eclipse 3.3, only with core
plugins, is still unable to be updated without a full restart. Or
maybe it's able to do it, but it does not know whether or not it's
safe to do it.

> Providing a mechanism to get servlets registered from the web.xml are
> available. The OPS 4J guys are providing tools and bundles:
> It is
> actually not that hard.

So, it's easily doable, why didn't the Eclipse folks used that approach?
I see on the page you reference that JSPs must be registered manually,
and it works only with their specific HTTP Service Bundle:
"Then you have to let Pax Web know that you have jsps by calling the
registerJsps() method on WebContainer."
So basically, if you have a webapp with JSPs, with this "not hard too
write mechanism", you have too query a specific Bundle from the
webapp, and call a non-standard method. Am I reading that right?

> This may all sound scary and complex,

Please, I think the audience is pretty much "mature" developpers here :-)

> but it is surprisingly simple when you try it
> out because it feels very natural in an OSGi environment.

The goal is to make a .war to feel very comfortable in a Servlet
Container environment :-) If an action is required from the web
application builder, then bye bye RI status :-)
One thing I don't see in Pax Web Extender - War is the handling of
resource-env-ref; but I'm not sure it raises a real question though.

>  Programming models like Spring DM, iPOJO, DS, etc. can further help to support this
model while
> not showing up in any Java code.

The good things when something shows up in Java code are that: it can
be easily be audited and it can be easily refactored. But maybe it's a
question of taste after all.


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