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From "Henri Gomez" <>
Subject Re: Osgifing Tomcat
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 20:38:15 GMT
>  >  it was the idea.
>  Sorry, -1 from me ( again ).


>  And that would be the reason for -1.
>  If a build system requires intrusive changes and forces a particular code
>  organization - it shouldn't be used.

that's maven phylosophy, not so bad.

>  It is a choice each project can make, some people  like intrusive tools :-)

Intrusive ? Nope, just maven convention.

>  I think it is great to have alternative build files - as long as the
>  build system plays
>  nicely with others and doesn't set conditions on how we should organize code.
>  In particular - we have eclipse build support, it would be great to
>  add idea/netbeans
>  if anyone can support them - and if you can add maven in the same way ( i.e.
>  just maven files in a separate dir, without changes to source layout
>  just because
>  maven needs them) - no problem with me.

I use eclipse with m2eclipse and the support for multi modules is right.

Netbeans has a great maven support with mevenide (may be the best) and
some co-workers use IDEA and are very happy with its maven support.

>From my experience a mavenized project is buildable from command line
and with majors IDEs.

I've got a decent experiences after converting more than 100 projects
from ant to maven and make them as confortable under Eclipse than

Using maven and keeping the actual layout will be possible, but will
complexify the mvn and poms.

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