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From "Henri Gomez" <>
Subject Re: Osgifing Tomcat
Date Wed, 23 Apr 2008 20:17:41 GMT
> First define 'mavenizing' please :-)


>  If you mean exporting tomcat components in maven repository - fine with me.

It's allready done (by hand) ?

>  If you mean building tomcat with maven instead of ant - the opposite,
>  absolutely not fine.

it was the idea.

>  Maintaining a separate maven build file - unofficial, i.e. the default
>  build instructions still point to ant - maybe.

To modularise we should use modules layout ie :


-- catalina

-- catalina-ant

-- catalina-ha

-- jasper

-- jasper-jdt


So some changes in the actual source layout.

we could also provide ant scripts to build also from this new layout.

Could you comment why maven is not the welcome here, ASF JackRabbit or
ApacheDS are pretty large projects and allready use it.

I don't want to start a pros/cons maven, but it will ease :

- build TC from scratch

- upload artifact to maven repos

- fit finelly with IC tools, like Hudson or TeamCity

- maven tools like maven-bundle-plugin will ease the OSGI bundle stuff


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