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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 4.1.36 / .37 cant compile jsp on NetWare
Date Mon, 31 Mar 2008 02:01:58 GMT
Hi Mark,
> Mark Thomas wrote:

> Found it. Test case was slightly wrong. Try the test case below. You
> should see a difference between Windows and NetWare.
java -cp sys:/nwtest org.apache.markt.NetWareTest %1
OS: NetWare
VM: 1.4.2
java: Class org.apache.markt.NetWareTest exited successfully

X:\>java -cp x:\nwtest org.apache.markt.NetWareTest
OS: Windows XP
VM: 1.4.2_12-b03

> This does indeed look like a JVM bug that has been exposed by stricter
> checking in the newer versions of Ant.

> Options for a work-around are:
> - Try a later JVM. If the test case below works - you should be OK.
SP7 JVM is latest.

> - Use an older version of Ant. Ant was upgraded to keep up to date rather
> than for a specific big fix so again, you should be OK.
ok, that's what I did to make it working.
> - Patch Tomcat. You'll need to add a few getCanonicalPath() calls.
Tomcat? Not Ant?

> We could patch Tomcat but generally I am against patching to work around
> someone else's bug unless we absolutely have to.
agreed, and will try to see what I get back from Novell.

> As an aside, the Tomcat 4 install with NetWare 6.5 SP7 is a complete mess.
> There are multiple versions of the same libraries present and if you try
> enabling the http connector it fails with a NoSuchMethod exception. A
> little digging showed that the connector jars are from multiple versions
> of Tomcat 4 and are not compatible with each other.

> If you do want to use Tomcat on NetWare then you will probably need to
> install a fresh version from Apache rather than trying to use the NetWare
> one.
Sure, that's what most of us always do - download from Apache and leave the Novell stuff as
and just launch ower own TC instance; but just that fails now because of the issue you just

I'll try to find someone responsible at Novell - please if possible dont delete yet
your NetWare VM, they might have questions or such which I probably cant answer...

thanks very much for looking into this issue!

greets, Guen.

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