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Subject DO NOT REPLY [Bug 44517] web-app_2_4.xsd not up-to-date in TC6 servlet-api. jar
Date Sun, 09 Mar 2008 11:36:24 GMT

--- Comment #3 from Mark Thomas <>  2008-03-09 04:36:22 PST ---
I would be grateful if you did a little more research before throwing around
unfounded accusations of plagiarism. The tone of your first paragraph does
little to encourage a constructive response.

The original Sun files contain wording that is incompatible with distribution
under the Apache License v2 (AL2). These files should not have been checked
into svn. However, some were and have since been fixed. The svn logs explain
why the removal the text is OK.

There is an added complication that the DTDs exist in a number of places in the
repo and I wasn't consistent in which location I first fixed the files before
copying them to the other locations. This means you have to check the svn log
carefully for each file to determine its history.

In summary, three options were considered for ensuring the files can be legally
distributed with Tomcat:

Option A. Where the original file had been contributed by a Sun employee, with
Sun's full knowledge, whilst working under a Contributor License Agreement
(CLA) and possibly a Corporate CLA (see that
file should have had the restrictive text removed and the standard AL2 text
added before it was first committed to an Apache repository. Where the text had
not been removed before first commit, we checked with the original committer
that the contribution was intended to have been made under their CLA and where
it was modified the file's header to reflect this.

Option B. Sun has licensed most (possibly all I didn't check since we didn't go
down this route) of the relevant files under CDDL. It was our preference to
distribute files under AL2 so since AL2 versions of all of the files were
available, we did not explore this in detail.

Option C. Geronimo went to some pains to generate AL2 licensed, spec-derived 
versions of some of the DTDs. I know the ASF legal folks were involved in this
but you'd need to talk to the Geronimo folks to get the details since Tomcat
wasn't involved in the process, we just used the output. When we last went
around this buoy the Geroninmo folks confirmed that these files were OK.

Most of the files could be dealt with under option A. When this option wasn't
available, we went with option C.

The errata were dealt with the same way.

I am not going to get into how the JCP should work. Google for the JCP / ASF
history on that one. seems to be inaccessible for me at the minute so I can't give you the
URL. I don't recall if the changed was sourced from the errata, geronimo or
somewhere else. The svn logs should add some illumination.

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