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From Mladen Turk <>
Subject Re: svn commit: r572181 - in /tomcat/connectors/trunk/jk/native/common: jk_ajp12_worker.c jk_ajp_common.c jk_jni_worker.c jk_status.c
Date Mon, 03 Sep 2007 06:21:41 GMT wrote:
> Author: rjung
> Date: Sun Sep  2 15:50:40 2007
> New Revision: 572181
> URL:
> Log:
> - Document return codes of the service() method for
>   all worker types (lb still missing).
> Below is for jk_ajp_common.c:
> - Document return codes of ajp_send_request() and
>   ajp_get_reply().
> - Fix log message typo
> - Don't use the recovery_options for idempotent GET
>   and HEAD in case we already sent the headers.
> - We don't need to handle JK_FATAL_ERROR for
>   ajp_process_callback() in ajp_get_reply().
>   for ajp_process_callback() in ajp_get_reply().
> - Add some logging for unexpected default case in
>   return code handling.
> - Move complete handling of return codes of
>   ajp_send_request() in front of return code handling
>   for ajp_get_reply() in service().
> - Some XXXs still open: return codes, is_error
>   and op->recoverable for unexpected cases.
> We still need a better design for returning enough
> information from service() of a member to an lb,
> such that the lb can decide about recovery and if the
> member should be put in error state.
> Modified:
>     tomcat/connectors/trunk/jk/native/common/jk_ajp12_worker.c
>     tomcat/connectors/trunk/jk/native/common/jk_ajp_common.c
>     tomcat/connectors/trunk/jk/native/common/jk_jni_worker.c
>     tomcat/connectors/trunk/jk/native/common/jk_status.c

Huh, this is one huge single commit :(
I must say it's really hard to follow something like that, and now I
see that I'll for sure never do again something like that by myself.

Can we in the future try to make the commits that a single-topic
related? I know it's additional hassle, but lot less then the one
when someone really tries to understand the patch.


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