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From "Henri Gomez" <>
Subject Re: [poll] mod_jk for i5/OS / V5R4 mini
Date Wed, 22 Aug 2007 22:44:16 GMT
> My trusted information sources concerning i5/OS (yes, such exist :) )

Sure :)

> tell me, that it's quite common out there to not support R3 any more.

Well yes

> On the other hand: if we really get enough benefit from dropping support
> during 1.2 now and not for the next major version, is unclear to me.
> This mainly is concerning you, because you are the one who maintains
> that part.

I maintain but since I didn't get access anymore to V5R3 or below,  I
couldn't guarantee anything. Also it will make the code cleaner (less

> I think it's obvious, that we should drop the V3 support for anything
> beyond 1.2.x, I'm not so sure about dropping it near the end of 1.2.x.

Safe decision...

> Maybe we can let all those defines for 1.2.x in there, but include docs
> information, that we don't test any longer against V3 (use on your own
> risk) and only fully support V4.

A note shouldn't hurt. Did there is a date for 1.2.25 release ?

> Henri Gomez wrote:
> > Hi to all,
> >
> > We want to clean up a little the mod_jk code defines specific to
> > i5/OS, and plan to make V5R4 OS as a minimum requirement.
> >
> > Since all i5 systems are now in V5R4 I couldn't test or build for V5R3
> > and previous release.
> >
> > Did there is i5/OS users with V5R3 and previous release ?
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