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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: EL and JSP 2.1
Date Fri, 06 Jan 2006 18:03:54 GMT
On 12/27/05, Mark Thomas <> wrote:
> My own views in line.
> Mark
> Mark Thomas wrote:
> > Jacob Hookom wrote:
> >
> >>I'd like to get the ball rolling on a branch for JSP 2.1.
> >
> > I can get the SVN stuff set up over the next few days. There has been
> > some debate about how we arrange things so we need to get agreement on
> > the way forward.
> >
> > The key questions are:
> >  - does 6.0.x become the main development branch?
> Yes. We did this for 5.5.x and it worked.

Yes, you'll need to create a branch for 5.5.

> >  - do we merge jasper and container?
> No. Good to keep them independent.

The independence is not given by the fact they are in different trees - the
connector and container are not independent, yet in different trees.

And the 'separation' of jasper and container can be achieved as well
by continuing to use
differet packages :-).

> >  - do we merge build and container
> Maybe. If someone wants to take the time to do this and update the
> build scripts great. Personally, not an itch I feel the need to scratch.

Probably doesn't make sense if this is the only change.

It seems people are not ok with a single source tree.

> >  - do we maintain servletapi for 6.0?
> No for the api stuff proper. We don't host it, can't change it and our
> own implementation would be more trouble than it is worth.
> Maybe for the examples. It is useful to be able to fix problems with
> them. The examples could always be merged in with the container module.

IMO - 6.0 would be the best chance to reorg the tree structure. Given
that JDK1.5 will be required, it means we could remove all <1.4 code
and hacks, and a lot of the build hacks that are used to deal with
multiple VMs and options.

I think we should just create a tomcat6/ repository, and then take a
snapshot of all subtrees
in the current tomcat and place the all in the same tree, under
tomcat6/java. Then start with a fresh build.xml - excluding or
removing the 1.1 - 1.4 support classes.

Well - I would go even further, on creating a smaller number of jars
for the distribution, but I guess that would be even less popular than
the singe tree.

I do understand I'm in a very small minority with this proposal, just
want to have it on the record  :-)


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