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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Re: tomcat source / eclipse project
Date Thu, 03 Nov 2005 18:33:42 GMT
I have something like this for TC5 & TC4. I do keep the files up to 
date because I use them every time I look at Tomcat code.

I need to migrate my development areas from the old CVS structure to 
the SVN set-up. Once I have updated my eclipse files, I'll add them to 
the repo.

Anyone object to them being added directly under 
tomcat/container/tc5.5.x, tomcat/jasper/tc5.5.x etc?


Yoav Shapira wrote:
> Hi,
>>>task. Could you please point me to some .project / .classpath files as
> They don't exist: set them up and contribute them if you wish.  They'd be
> welcome *as long as they are maintained current.*  I'm certainly not in the
> mood to make changes in more than one place every time I update build.xml.
>>>Why don't you just add these files to the 'Building with Eclipse' section
> If the files existed and were maintained to be current, they'd be added with
> enthusiasm.
>>An eclipse-ready project or at least a possibility to checkout the
>>repository it in a structured way, with one source folder and one lib
>>folder, would be everything one can dream of :-)
> Don't dream of it: if it's that important to you, do it.  And if you want to
> help others as well, contribute it.
> Yoav
> Yoav Shapira
> System Design and Management Fellow
> MIT Sloan School of Management
> Cambridge, MA, USA
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