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From Mark Thomas <>
Subject Convert jakarta-watchdog and jakarta-watchdog-4.0 to Subversion
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 21:14:31 GMT
The Tomcat project has decided to move to Subversion.

Since Tomcat spans a number of CVS repositories, we wish to migrate in
a phased manner, starting with the Watchdog repositories.

We need to export the following CVS repositories:
- jakarta-watchdog
- jakarta-watchdog-4.0

Ideally, the resulting structure in SVN should be:

SVN Directory      CVS Module(s)              CVS Branch/Tag
--------------     --------------------       --------------
       /tc4.1.x/    j-watchdog-4.0             HEAD

       /other/      j-watchdog, -4.0           All other branches
       /tc4.1.x/    j-watchdog-4.0             All 4.1.x tags
       /other/      j-watchdog, -4.0           All other tags

We appreciate that this is non-standard and are happy to move
directories around ourselves after a standard migration to:

SVN Directory      CVS Module(s)              CVS Branch/Tag
--------------     --------------------       --------------
       /trunk/      j-watchdog                 HEAD
       /tags/       j-watchdog                 All tags
       /branches/   j-watchdog                 All branches
       /trunk/      j-watchdog-4.0             HEAD
       /tags/       j-watchdog-4.0             All tags
       /branches/   j-watchdog-4.0             All branches

Finally, commit access should be granted to /tomcat/watchdog/ to the
union of:
- committers with access to watchdog
- committers with access to watchdog-4.0
- members of the new Tomcat PMC

JIRA request to follow shortly.

Thanks in advance,


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