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From David Rees <>
Subject Re: Graceful restart on Windows [was Re: Adding working dynamically with mod_jk status?]
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 22:49:40 GMT
On 5/31/05, <> wrote:
> After some more digging, it *appears* that "apache -k restart" WILL do a
> graceful restart of Apache2 on Windoze.
> Can anyone confirm this please?  And are there any "gotcha's" to watch out
> for?  Can someone explain exactly how this works?  eg if I am in the middle
> of a "chunk" (or series) of work  with a web browser and one of the
> tomcats, will it restart in the middle of that?

On Unix, it will let any running threads/processes finish processing
any existing requests before killing them.  Replacment
threads/processes will be started up to take all new requests from
that point on.

Best to test it to make sure, I have not tested it personally on
Windows or any other threaded Apache MPM.


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