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From "Ian F. Darwin" <>
Subject Re: Indirect jsp:include does not seem to work
Date Fri, 01 Apr 2005 19:27:00 GMT
Michael J. wrote:

>Here is what I found at:
>So, what I am doing is perfectly legitimate...
A syntax reference is not the same as a specification. Specifications 
are (supposedly) more rigorous and
more precise in their specification of required behaviour. Tomcat is the 
reference implementation
for the Servlet and JSP specifications.  It might be helpful if 
everybody who is interested in this
discussion could please read JSP4.5 (section 4.5 of the JSP spec, 
version 1.2, since you are talking about Tomcat 4). See also SRV.8, that 
is, section 8 of the Servlet spec (Version 2.3, for Tomcat 4), which 
defines how the underlying include and forward mechanisms work; pay 
particular attention to sections 8.3 and 8.4 (compare the first lines of 
each of those sections).

>Resin works exactly as I expect, and Jetty works too with a proxy JSP
>page. I have not tried other servers yet.
I have experienced this error too, and I wish Tomcat worked that way, 
but I haven't yet found
anything in the Specifications that would allow me to change how it 
works :-)   As implied by the
spec, there may be different results depending on the sizes of buffers 
used by the implementation.

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