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From "Al Sutton" <>
Subject RE: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 33339] - Shutdown script down not work
Date Wed, 02 Feb 2005 21:54:34 GMT
In answer to your points;

on 3) I'm not asking for it tested on all distros, just those where issues
have arisen. If no-one has FC2 installed then thats something the group
should know about and should be able to say "Sorry, no-one has FC2", rather
than "Closed bug, doesn't work on [insert name of totally different platform

The users mail list has a report from Drew Jorgenson if it not working on
RHAS 3, and I can confirm I've also seen the behaviour on SLES8 (i.e. a
non-redhat product), so I don't think it's distribution specific.

on 4) It's never good to write that any other groups efforts off as crappy,
I'm sure this group wouldn't be happy if the Fedora group described Tomcat
as crappy. We're all doing our best (yes, I have released some open source
code in the past), and it worried me that the "crappy" comment was made and
no-one else stepped in to be a bit more helpful.

on 5) Given your response I'm happy to offer help with FC2 related problems.
I wasn't willing to make this offer before because it seemed the only
responses I had were aimed more at getting the bug marked as closed than
investigating where the problem was. I'll keep an eye on the -dev list (but
unfortunatley I don't have time to look at all the bug report comments) and
if I see a problem with FC2 I will attempt to dupluicate it. In case your
wondering what my experience is I've been a Linux sys admin for 11 years,
and have been programming system in Java for about 8 years with the last 5
spent focused on developing high performance server side applications for
Teleco's and Financial institutions, which hopefully will allow me to assist
in some way.

on the last paragraph - I completely agree. If people know which platforms
are fully supported (i.e. if bugs are reported someone can test them
easilly) it will make life a lot easier. You'll probably find that in return
for listing a platform as full supported the distributor may be receptive to
including Tomcat in their product.

Costin, I'd like to thank you for the sending the first comprehensive
response which makes me feel that users bugs are taken seriously, and not
treated as something that should be closed at any costs.



-----Original Message-----
From: news []On Behalf Of Costin Manolache
Sent: 02 February 2005 21:22
Subject: Re: DO NOT REPLY [Bug 33339] - Shutdown script down not work wrote:

> 3) Cygwin is definatley NOT a good platform for testing Linux bugs on.

However testing with all possible linux distributions is not a good
choice either.

And distributions based on 'latest' version of everything plus all kind
of experimental/non stable/vendor specific stuff -  like fedora - are
not the best choice for a supported platform.

Can you reproduce it on RHEL or RH9 ?  If not - report the bug on fedora.

> 4) Do you want to tell the Fedora guys that the Tomcat developers
> official view of Fedora Core 2 is that its' a "crappy distro"?

It is not 'official view' - but some developers have issues with FC :-)

> 5) Do you expect me to re-install my system just to get Tomcat working?,
> It's easier to replace Tomcat with Jetty than it would be to resintall
> my machine with one of the distros that you don't consider "crappy"

I believe a lot of products ( and not only java ) officially support
only few distributions. We can't ask you to re-install your system - but
you can't ask us to reinstall and test your favorite distro either.
There are just too many incompatible linux distributions.

If jetty works on your linux distro - just use it. It's a fine open
source product. Or you can use resin or any other server.

> Now I'd like to help resolve this, but at the moment all I'm seeing is a
> wall of "not interesting, can't be bothered, lets' mark it as invalid
> because I can't reproduce on my own personal setup". Which kinda

Probably the comments should be more explicit - like 'unsupported
platform / not reproductible on supported platforms '.


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