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From Remy Maucherat <>
Subject Re: CVS branching
Date Wed, 02 Jun 2004 14:44:20 GMT
Shapira, Yoav wrote:
> Hi,
> So at some point soon (the next day or two), we want to put the current
> tomcat 5 code on a branch called tomcat_5_0 (the actual branch name is
> tentative but let's use tomcat_5_0 for example).  We'll do this after
> tagging TOMCAT_5_0_26 on the main branch.
> The actual CVS command is easy: 
> cvs rtag -r TOMCAT_5_0_26 -b TOMCAT_5_0
> (repeat once for each tomcat CVS module, jakarta-tomcat-5,
> jakarta-tomcat-catalina, etc.)
> Subsequent checkouts and tagging operations against this have to specify
> -r TOMCAT_5_0 or else they work against the default, main/head branch.
> Commits are easy (don't need a branch specified) as they automatically
> work against the branch where the checkout was done.
> Is that it?  Should we be concerned about the fact that the main/head
> codebase will not be as stable, so users trying to build head (or
> automated/nightly/gump trying to build head) may run into trouble?

Yes (but I recommend putting a new 5.0.27 tag when branching, wven if we 
don't bother doing a proper release). No (HEAD is supposed to mean 
trouble, right ;) ).

For now, I think a branch is only needed in jakarta-tomcat-catalina (if 
there are problems, I'll use a build2.xml in jakarta-tomcat-5 with 
temporary hacks).


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