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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: TC evolment
Date Sat, 03 Apr 2004 07:58:20 GMT
Mladen Turk wrote:
>>>From Costin Manolache
>>Sent: Saturday, April 03, 2004 9:14 AM
>>>If a majority of my web content is a dynamic one, delivered through 
>>>JSP, PHP, or what ever, why would I need a dummy web server 
>>as an intermediate?
>>The webserver is not only for static content. If you use 
>>Apache just because it serves the static content faster than 
>>tomcat - you are using it for the wrong reason.
> Yes, but I found myself lately to use it just for glueing those techologies
> together, of course thanks to the large module database, it's not such a big
> deal.
> Having every content passing several systems is not so stable solution
> thought, cause each channel will add it's risk percentage.

If you're worried about risk, then probably glueing PHP with tomcat will 
be a bad choice.

Tomcat is limited by Java's bad support for integration with native 
code. Apache will have no problem running Php, perl, python, .net or 
integrating with any native library that exists today. For tomcat 
running openSSL seems to be a big thing, and we know too well how 
difficult it is to get it working with JNI.

For tomcat - you can attempt to rewrite/replace every feature in Java ( 
we are doing this for LDAP auth for example - not sure if JNDI is better 
or faster than the native ldap auth in apache ). Or you can try to use 
JNI or connectors - like mod_jk. Or you can just use what already works 
and is stable, and do something better with your time :-)

>>The raw page speed is not everything. There is also the 
>>memory use, CPU load, startup time, stability, etc.
> And there is the maintainability, scalability, etc. which I think Java is
> better at.

Java may be more maintainable - but in this particular case do you think 
  PHP + JNI/connector + tomcat would be more maintainable than the 
existing and well tested Apache + mod_php  ?

About scalability - April 1 is over on my timezone :-)

> As you said nothing stops me of doing something like that, and of course
> nothing stops me being totally wrong :).

Well, what would be wrong is to not try if you think it's a good idea:-)

I'm allways interested in integration between Java and native code - and 
even if I don't think Tomcat+PHP would stand a chance to Apache+mod_php 
- I'm looking forward to see more work in the area of JNI or 
connectivity between java and the rest of the world.


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