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From DirectXtras <>
Subject Autoreply: Your username and password
Date Fri, 09 Apr 2004 06:52:30 GMT

Due to the increased volume of SPAM this mailbox has been closed.

Please contact us via

We apology for the inconvenience.

Best Regards,
The DirectXtras Team
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Subject: Your username and password
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To: "Tomcat Developers List " <>
Subject: Your Username and Password

** This is an automatic reply. Please do not respond directly to this
e-mail **

Your support request has been received by Opera Software.

You are receiving this automatic reply because we have received an
e-mail from you.


Information below are for registered Opera users only:

If you would like to check the status on your request or add comments to=
 it, registered users can log in from our Premium Support page. For=
 security reasons, and to make it easier for you to view the status of your=
 previous and pending requests, you have been assigned a username and a=
 temporary password:

        Password:   xmvupybb

NOTE! We strongly recommend that you change this password by using the=
 "Edit Profile" link once you have logged in. Also note that you will have=
 to enter your registration code the first time you log in. Those that have=
 not purchased a license for the Opera browser will be unable to log in.

To go to the Opera Software Support Request page, please use this URL:

To log in directly, please use this URL:

Sincerely Yours,
Customer Service Department
Opera Software AS <>

Copyright Opera Software - =A9 All rights reserved.

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