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From "Anatol Pomazau" <>
Subject Tomcat+IIS+WinXP Client problem
Date Wed, 07 Apr 2004 13:46:32 GMT

Hi devs. I have a problem. I spend 2 days and I haven't found answer
yet. Please help me.

Some days ago I sent mail to tomcat-user but there were no answers.

So I have removed jk and installed jk2
But the same problem - user from Win2K views pages perfectly and NTLM
works fine
//Snip of log - Domain\Anatol_Pomazau [07/Apr/2004:16:22:48 +0200] "GET
/jsp-examples/images/code.gif HTTP/1.1" 304 -

But for user from WinXP error appears - "Page cannot be displayed"

//Snip Of IIS log
13:28:17 GET /jakarta/isapi_redirector2.dll 401
13:28:17 GET /jakarta/isapi_redirector2.dll 500

Seems that IIS NTLM auth works fine. And in j2k.log strange error
message appears

[Wed Apr 07 16:28:17 2004] (error ) [jk_requtil.c (606)]
serialize.request() Error serializing header value
[Wed Apr 07 16:28:17 2004] (error ) [jk_worker_ajp13.c (627)]
ajp13.service(): error marshaling

If Anonymous access for "tomcat" virtual dir enabled then this page is
reachabe by clients from WinXP without problem.

Please help me.

Win2k. IIS 50. Tomcat 5.0.19. IE 60. If you need more information please
do not hesitate to ask me.
Anatol Pomozov 
EPAM Systems
phone: +375 (17) 210-1662 ext. 1373

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