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From Guenter Knauf <>
Subject RE: jk2 buglets
Date Tue, 02 Mar 2004 12:53:50 GMT

>> > Also, we adopted the APR as mandatory, so, all platform
>> specific code
>> > except JNI has to go out (sooner or later).
>> sure, I know - but you cant expect that every APR also
>> supports SHM/MMAP; so cant we take only those things which
>> are common to all platforms?

> Does it work in APR from CVS?

> If not then it's a bug in APR.

> If it's a APR bug are there any patches that we can propose?
The problem is the NetWare OS self. We had formerly no SHM support at all on NetWare, and
since about a year we got mmap() silently, but with EXPERIMENTAL status. Since we ship recent
NetWare versions with Apache (1.3 with NW6 and 2.0 with NW6.5) I cant introduce another Apache
with experimental stuff in it - instead I have to rely on what's officially released - NW
admins are just used to fetch a binary and drop it in, they have no plan of recompiling Apache,
nor they are able to do even if they would like since NetWare doesnt ship with a compiler
at all.

> The netware, and windows doesn't need shm at all. 
that's not true from APR sight: if I look into apr.h for NetWare I have not one define for
SHM, but looking at apr.h from Win32 platform I can see:
#define APR_HAS_MMAP              1

> The final solution would be adding jk2_shm_xxxx (for specific platform),
> inside commons/arch.
> I'm not in favor of using #defines to solve that.

> If the number of needed platform specific workarounds is too high, then we
> made a mistake switching to APR, but I doubt.
no, the switch is OK, but it was probably only too early to make it mandatory.
I would have left the old code in; it was known to work, and didnt bite someone; and at least
for Apache 1.3 I'm not happy with the change to APR. If I had choosen to make APR mandatory
I also would have dropped Apache 1.3 support at all from mod_jk2.

> Let's make and test, and then we'll see how to solve the particular
> problem for a XXX.XXX platform.
what we all need is time - those working at APR, as well as the OS core folks - I'm sure all
these things will be fixed sooner or later, but unless Apache 2.x gets widely accepted there
will not be so much pressure to fix those things I feel....
I'm next month at Novell and will certainly discuss this issue with the core OS team - after
that I hope I have an idea if we get mmap() and friends exported by the OS officially, and
how long it may take.
I really would like to have APR_HAS_MMAP on NetWare since a couple of other interesting modules
rely on it;
and be sure that I bother them at Novell enough with this.


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