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From "Guofeng Zhang" <>
Subject Could SPNEGO supported by Tomcat?
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 09:20:15 GMT

Our  thin-client J2EE app run on JBoss 3.x  + Tomcat 4.1.x. We  want to integrate our thin-clinet
J2EE application with MS Active Directory, so that a user with IE 6.0 will not need to sign
in to acces our application after he/she has signed in to his/her Windows workstation.  IE
6.0 support SPNEGO.

Could any one tell me if there is any implementation of SPNEGO for Tomcat.

I search the Internet, and do not find any solution about it, so I think if I could add the
support of SPNEGO to Tomcat 4.x (for our use only). Is it valuabe to do it?

I am new to tomcat's source code. I browse the source code, and could not figure out how the
security works in the source code. Could anyone kindly tell me where to find the code that
secure the web resource, or where and when an instance of an Authenticator( for example, FormAuthenticator
or BasicAuthenticator) is instantiated.

Thank you very much.

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