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From Jess Holle <>
Subject Re: Tomcat 5's service.bat, etc.
Date Wed, 24 Mar 2004 22:13:43 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:

>>The service.bat and tomcat.exe in Tomcat 5 have a number of issues as I
>>see it:
>>   1. The new tomcat.exe (aka procrun) does not seem to reliably route
>>      stdout and stderr to the specified files.
>>          * Compare JavaService (aka Tomcat 4.1.x's tomcat.exe) stdout
>>            and stderr treatment to procrun's.  JavaService captures all
>>            the startup stdout as well as System.out.println's, etc.
>>            procrun does not.
>Procrun works fine with --Java=java.  Yes, it needs work
>for --Java=c:\path\to\jvm.dll (known issue, with outstanding BZ entry :).

--Java=pathToJvmDll did not work at all for me -- service failed to 
install and other errors.  [W2K with latest service packs and Java 2 

--Java=java worked but lost most of the stdout and stderr output -- 
including all the startup output.  It did seem to start up faster than 

>>   2. Tomcat 5 does not include any documentation on how to use procrun
>>      (or even that tomcat.exe is procrun).
>>   3. I have not managed to get procrun to target the "server" JVM (as
>>      opposed to the client) in any reliable fashion.
>>          * With JavaService this was achieved by targeting the
>>            appropriate jvm.dll.  The procrun docs say the same thing is
>>            possible, but this does not work.
>This works fine for me with either --Java=java -JavaOptions=-server#... or
>with --Java=c:\path\to\server\jvm.dll.
I was actually referring to the latter approach, which as I said did not 
work for me.

I did not honestly trust the first approach -- I guess I should have....

>>   4. service.bat does not route as many arguments to procrun as what I
>>      for one route to JavaService -- and thus it provides less
>>      flexibility (especially with no documentation).
>>          * For JavaService I provide heap sizing, etc, parameters, as
>>            this is critical to any real use of Tomcat.
>>          * Having built in support for passing JPDA debug args to the
>>            JVM is also a must.
>So edit the service.bat file :).  As usual, patches are always welcome ;-).

The fact that you have to replace all spaces with #'s and shovel all 
JAVA_OPTS or CATALINA_OPTS into a single argument makes it more 
difficult to just pass in and concatenate portions of the command line.

With JavaService, one can do:

    set javaMemArgs=...
    set debugArgs=...
    set javaPropArgs=...
    set javaArgs=%javaMemArgs% %debugArgs% %javaPropArgs%
    JavaService.exe -install %serviceName% %jvmDllArg% %javaArgs%
    %startArgs% %stopArgs% %stdioArgs% %currDirArgs% 

In other words, one can flexibly and easily insert additional 
arguments.  With procrun, I have to worry about replacing some spaces 
with #'s, properly escaping quotes, etc, within the aggregate argument 
containing all the Java arguments, etc.

Essentially this makes it harder to have a one-size fits (most) all script.

>>   5. service.bat does not provide any default handling of tools.jar.
>>          * By default the resulting service can't compile JSP pages.
>>Overall, service.bat and procrun feel like they're not ready for
>>production use -- which is fine as long as that's understood by the user
I should clarify that another reason for this was a number of crashes I 
had just installing and removing my service with procrun.

Jess Holle

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