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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: Jakarta Collections 3.0?
Date Sun, 01 Feb 2004 16:48:46 GMT
If I remember correctly ( and if it didn't change ), tomcat needs 
modeler in a parent classloader. Modeler has an optional dependency on 
digester, which depends on beanutils and collections. They both depend 
on logging, and modeler also depends on jmx.

So unless some classloader trick is used - we have to have collections 
in the parent loader - which forces the entire tomcat instalation to use 
the same collection version ( unless reverse loader tricks are used ).
That implies that if tomcat upgrades to collections3.0 - all webapps 
that use collections2.0 may stop working.

Even more interesting - we don't actually have this choice - since if 
digester changes to the new collections, we're forced to do the same :-)

What if we use modeler without digester ? Are there other components 
that depend on digester + collections ? At least for emebed this would 
be a good solution ( it won't reduce the size too much, but it may 
reduce the dependency impact it has when it's embeded - since whatever 
app it is emebeded into will be forced to update collections and all 
packages that depend on it - or do classloader tricks )


Costin Manolache wrote:
> Remy Maucherat wrote:
>> Jess Holle wrote:
>>> Can anyone shed any light on the plans for Tomcat using Jakarta 
>>> Collections 3.0?
>>> I ask as we currently bundle Jakarta Collections for use in and out 
>>> of the servlet engine.  We wish to use a consistent version 
>>> throughout.  Given that Tomcat bundles Jakarta Collections within its 
>>> common/lib area, we effectively use whatever Tomcat uses while in the 
>>> servlet engine in any case.  We're therefore at Collections 2.1 as 
>>> Tomcat is.
>>> Are there plans to move Tomcat to Jakarta Collections 3.0?
>> It would have been better if either:
>> - 3.0 was backwards compatible with 2.0 :)
>> - it was using different package names
>> Note that you should be able to override and use collections 2.1 
>> inside a webapp even if collections 3.0 is in common/lib, and 
>> hopefully it'll work. If it doesn't, there will be a huge mess, and 
>> lots of hate mail ;)
> I guess we missed the release vote in commons ( us and all people using 
> digester, benautils - and their dependencies as well ) ...
> Costin

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