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From "NormW" <>
Subject JkUriSet Possible Bug
Date Wed, 25 Feb 2004 22:11:29 GMT
Good morning All.
Excuse the repetition, but silence is only golden sometimes.
<Location /jcvslet/*> and [uri:/jcvslet/*] produce uri entries with
different MatchType's in mod_jk2, a fact now confirmed (via /jkstatus/) on
Linux and Windows platforms also, in addition to the NetWare previously

The documentation doesn't specifically state these two configurations should
be identical, but my logic says they should be. Rather than fill up Bugzilla
with unnecessary/invalid entries, I'm asking if someone could confirm they
should produce the same MatchType, and I will be only too happy to record it

Thanks in advance,
PS The format derived from [uri] works as expected, that via conf/jkuriset
does not.

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