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From G√ľnter Knauf <>
Subject Re: [PATHCH] ./jk/native2/server/apache2/jk_service_apache2.c
Date Thu, 22 Jan 2004 13:44:08 GMT
Hi Henri,

> In JK 1.2.x for Apache 2 we're using :

> s->server_name  = (char *)ap_get_server_name(r);

> ...

>      apr_sockaddr_port_get(&port,r->connection->local_addr);
>      s->server_port = port;

> Do you agree with this, if so I'll do the same for jk2
no, apr_sockaddr_port_get() was recently removed from APR 1.0; from APR ChangeLog:

  *) The following deprecated interfaces have been removed:

     apr_sockaddr_port_get        -> (access directly)

so seems there's no new function anymore which can replace apr_sockaddr_port_get();
so I compared some files between 2.0.48 and 2.1-dev and found the same as my first patch does...

Also my only intension is getting mod_jk/mod_jk2 compiled with httpd_2.1-dev; 
so every patch which uses an API that is still available with APR 1.0 is fine for me....

BTW: can you perhaps also patch the ./jk/native2/server/apache2/mod_jk2.dsp ??
here's the patch which removes the now obsolete source files, and changes the output to .so

thanks, Guenter.

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