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From Robert Krüger <>
Subject Re: JMX 1.2 / JMX Remote 1.0
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 15:39:00 GMT


I think you're right. I observerd the same. I downloaded and built 
Tomcat 5 from CVS using the build.xml file provided on the website 3 
days ago and the file jakarta-tomcat-5/build/common/lib/jmx.jar does not 
contain the JMX 1.2 classes. In my case my code broke because 
Monitor.addObserverdObject is not there (was added in 1.2). To make sure 
I checked in the class file and it is not there.



Simon Clare wrote:

> Hi
> This is probably:
> a: stupid
> b: annoying 
> or possibly both but i'm having a bit of a problem with JMX specs in Tomcat. Am I right
in thinking that JMX 1.2.1 RI is the current version within Tomcat 5 (

> However, the reference implementation (and spec) has the method:
> But the JMX implementation bundled with Tomcat (5.016) does not (and throws a noSuchMethodException
when I try and use it. 
> My small mind has been throw into confusion, and I am contemplating Classpath order based
hacks (shudder). 
> simon clare
> I'm connecting remotely to a JMX 1.2.1 RI JMX Server using the JMX 1.0 Remote RI and
querying a few MBeans. This works a treat in a stand alone "vanilla" VM. However, inside a
web container (weblogic and tomcat) where there is theortically all the JMX stuff allready
there (minus the remote stuff) the same code does not work, it throws a NoSuchMethodException
on Which is weird as this method
should be there according to the JMX 1.2.1 spec. 
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