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From Robert Krüger <>
Subject Re: status of JTA integration
Date Fri, 16 Jan 2004 11:59:26 GMT

Remy Maucherat wrote:
> I'd like to point out that Geronimo does not have anything to do with 
> either Tomcat or Jakarta.

I missed that, you're right

> I thought JOTM was the TM of the moment :-(
> Oh well ...

> The other useable TMs I know about is the one from JBoss. It embeds 
> Tomcat, and you can configure JBoss to have just Tomcat + the TM + the 
> DataSource (+ the management stuff) so maybe it can work for you.
I might try that, although currently my patched version of tyrex works 
fine and I'm a little reluctant to put in a monster like jboss just for 
JTA and connection pooling but if the tyrex people will not accept my 
additions/fixes in CVS tyrex is of course a dead end and jboss might be 
the only sensible way to go.

> This was removed because people complained about bugs which were not 
> fixed (since the project is no longer really active). So I'm reluctant 
> to add back support. I got in touch with a Tyrex developer a few months 
> ago, and suggested they added a standard ObjectFactory in their 
> distribution. I don't know if they did it (if they did, great, there's 
> no problem anymore).
makes sense. I will try to contact the tyrex people again. If they don't 
want it, so be it.

Thank you for the quick answers. They helped.


> Rémy
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