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From Mark Lowe <>
Subject connectors documents
Date Wed, 01 Oct 2003 08:18:32 GMT

Despite using tomcat for 3-4 years jakarta connectors has remained the 
moving goal post. I dont usually have the pleasure of having to get 
tomcat and apache talking to one another, but i do now.

I've compiled jk, jk2 and mod_webapp so i guess my options are open as 
to which i use. I've had all of them running in the sense that i can 
mount a context and have apache serve my java stuff, but its very 


doesn't really do it for me as my aim is to have


Please are there any documents that actually work on this subject 
(virtual hosts and connectors) the tc4.1 doc on the subject of 
configuring jk2 looks great, but after 2 days of trying I suspect that 
this is yet another victim of the tc-connectors kabal.

Please no reference to http://localhost/examples or similar.. I know 
how do to this, i could really do with someone's input on this.

tc 4.1.27
connectors 4.1.27
apache 2

a choice of jk, jk2 or mod_webapp I'm not fussy which.

Many thanks in advance


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