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From Amy Roh <>
Subject ManagerServlet undeploy
Date Thu, 18 Sep 2003 20:28:14 GMT
Undeploy fails for any app that's not installed under webapps directory. 
  For example, an attempt to undeploy /admin will fail with "Cannot 
undeploy document base for path /admin" because of the following lines 
from ManagerServlet line 1384

             // Validate the docBase path of this application
             String deployedPath = deployed.getCanonicalPath();
             String docBase = context.getDocBase();
             File docBaseDir = new File(docBase);
             if (!docBaseDir.isAbsolute()) {
                 docBaseDir = new File(appBaseDir, docBase);
             String docBasePath = docBaseDir.getCanonicalPath();
             if (!docBasePath.startsWith(deployedPath)) {

Any app that's installed using context configuration file with docBase 
other than "../webapps" will not pass the condition since deployedPath 
is always ../webapps.

What is the reasoning behind this validation?


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