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From Andy Armstrong <>
Subject About to update the DSAPI connector,
Date Mon, 15 Sep 2003 16:57:56 GMT
Hello All,

A little while ago I did a DSAPI (Domino's version of ISAPI) filter that 
  allowed TC 3 to work quite happily with Lotus Domino. After a 
protracted period in which I haven't updated it I now, finally, have the 
time to produce a new version. Last time I started with the ISAPI (IIS) 
code and worked from there - I think I'll probably do the same this time.

Just for kicks I thought I'd get IIS and the ISAPI filter working with a 
production Tomcat here - I like to start a project with something that's 
working even if I can claim no credit for it - but to be honest I'm 
finding it hard to work out which ISAPI DLL I need for a recent 
production Tomcat 4.1.27 - just basic stuff like what source does what. 
Now, I'm sure this is just an RTFM but I've spent the last couple of 
hours RVFM and none of them thus far has yielded anything like a 
comprehensive understanding of which bits I need and how I configure 
them. I'll need the source soon enough but at the moment I can't even 
find the isapi_redirector2.dll. Oh, I have a working TC 4.1.27 so that's 
something :)

Anyway, shields up - by all means tell me I'm being stupid but the 
impression I'm forming is that the support for web servers other than 
Apache is in some slight disarray.

Thanks :)

Andy Armstrong, Tagish

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