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From "Angus Mezick" <>
Subject Design question about implementing a session manager.
Date Tue, 08 Jul 2003 13:29:51 GMT
I am implementing a JdbcSessionManager for dealing with non-sticky
clusters.  We wish to use the DB to store all of our session data when
it is not in use.  Thanks to Craig's help I was able to figure out how
to do the updating of the session data in an InstanceEventListener that
catches the AFTER_SERVICE_EVENT.  In talking to Filip Hank about his
Clustered session manager I was also able to do the database updates in
a valve.  Which way is preferable?  In the InstanceEvent I can just
filter out all queries that make this true:
.  Filip used the file extensions to create an exclusion list.

Other notes:
I have had to create my own JdbcSession object instead of subclassing
StandardSession because the attributes HashMap is private and I need
access to it.  (I think)  I am serializing the HashMap and storing only
that in its own column.  My other columns are expire_time,
creation_time, app_name, and session_id.  I am currently limited to
sessions with 8k of data because of the DB limits on VARBINARY but that
can change at a later date.

--Angus Mezick

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