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From Costin Manolache <>
Subject Re: commons-sandbox/daemon
Date Fri, 20 Jun 2003 05:04:53 GMT
Bill Barker wrote:

> Ok, yes I know that this should go to commons-dev, but I don't monitor
> that list as closely and all of the active developers hang-out here.
> I would like to make some changes to native/unix/native, and (keeping with
> commons conventions) should ask first.  I already have commons-sandbox
> karma, so that's not an issue.
> 1) I want to call setsid (on platforms that support it) after the detach,
> since evil things happen if I don't (at least on RH Linux).
> 2) I want to add a -outfile and -errfile to the config options (consistant
> with procrun, and both defaulting to /dev/null).  stdin will get
> redirected to /dev/null, and stdout & stderr will get redirected to the
> values of the
> variables.  If I can get it to work, I'd also like to add the special
> values
> "&1" and "&2" to simulate "2>&1".  As it stands now, manually stopping
> starting Tomcat with jsvc hangs my ssh session on logout, since it still
> has open files to the pty.
> 3) Modify to reflect the changes in 2) (e.g. add:
>     -outfile $CATALINA_HOME/logs/catalina.out \
>     -errfile &1 \
>     ).


I know this has been discussed several times - but wouldn't be time to move
the daemon back to tomcat ? Maybe we made a mistake by trying to move it to
commons, it doesn't seem to gain a lot of developers or users outside


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