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From "Jeff Tulley" <>
Subject Re: [Patch] Form based login possibility with HTMLManagerServlet
Date Thu, 15 May 2003 00:43:31 GMT
Oh, and I've yet to do the form-login-error page (/loginerror command). 
I'll try to get that done and sent tomorrow.

Jeff Tulley  (
Novell, Inc., The Leading Provider of Net Business Solutions

>>> 5/14/03 6:26:25 PM >>>
Currently the Manger application only supports basic authentication. 
This has many drawbacks:
1) limited to 8-bit ascii passwords.  Some authentication realms could
support UTF-8 passwords, but the manager application would not be able
to utilize these realms fully.
2) difficulty of "single sign-on" - You can send in a url like:
"http://user:password@myurl/manager/html/list", but then you get
"user:password@" prepended in EVERY URL inside the HTML view of the
manager application.  Note:  The above method works great for the
non-HTML manager interface.

The attached patch adds in a "/login" command to the
HTMLManagerServlet, which outputs a login form for authentication. 
file, contains some localizable strings that
were added to support this.  The look and feel of the login page has
been kept consistent with the rest of the application.

I do not know if it would be good to switch over to using this by
default or not, but it would definitely be good to have this as an

Let me know what you all think of this idea.

Jeff Tulley  (
Novell, Inc., The Leading Provider of Net Business Solutions

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