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From Alexander Leyke <>
Subject Re: tomcat-dev Digest 6 May 2003 21:45:53 -0000 Issue 1362
Date Tue, 06 May 2003 23:03:09 GMT
> Subject:
> RE: TomcatStarter class causes race condition
> From:
> "Mladen Turk" <>
> Date:
> Tue, 6 May 2003 22:37:59 +0200
> To:
> "'Tomcat Developers List'" <>, 
> <>
>IMO wouldn't help you, cause introducing wait will still give you 500 or
Actually, modified behavior does exactly what I want - I get back 
"cannot connect" in the browser until Tomcat completely bootstrapped 
itself, and hardware load balancer won't take the server into rotation. 
I tested it.

>We had that mechanism bundled inside loadbalacer. look at the 
>(see rev. 1.28), but I've dropped that, cause it doesn't belogs there.
>Also, that doesn't solve the non-jni connection (someday we'll have
>service channel that will solve such cases).
Agreed, Tomcat as daemon calls for different approach.

>The TomcatStarter is going to be dropped, as well as tomcat-jni
What do you mean by latter? Surely, it will still be possible to run 
Tomcat in-process via ajp13-jni ? Please advise what I should do about 
the immediate problem - since there is no interest in change to 
TomcatStarter, perhaps I should derive an AOLserver specific class and 
overload main()...

Thanks -Alex

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